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Aquatic Vegetation Harvesting
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Lake & POnd Vegetation Harvesting

Aquatic vegetation harvesting with our Truxor machine provides a safe, chemical free, effective approach to handling the vegetation issues that a Pond, Lake, or waterway will face. Vegetation harvesting is the most effective way to get to the root cause of water quality issue. Chemical applications offer a short-term fix while continuing to add to the problem. When chemical is applied to vegetation it withers and dies and sinks to the bottom to decompose. The decomposition of the organic matter robs the water of dissolved oxygen. This further complicates water quality issues when nitrates and phosphorus are introduced into oxygen deprived waters. This leads to an unbalanced eco system and problems such as toxic algae blooms can be a result of these conditions. Regular Harvesting practices takes the decomposition factor out of the equation to allow a water body to remain healthy. Harvesting can also be done to improve the look of your pond, Cattails and other vegetation can take over and block your view or plug up your favorite fishing spot. Our root rake puller can remove this vegetation for you. 


SERVING: State & Local Government, Property Management Groups, Golf Courses, HOAs (Home Owners Associations), and Private Property Owners.

Dredging Services

Did you know that most of the drainage facilities in a subdivision need to be cleaned out every 5-7 years to maintain proper drainage function of the storm water control systems? Sediment basins are designed to capture sediment run off from your neighborhood. If left unchecked these storm water control structures inlets (which are at the bottom of the basin) will become completely covered with silt and sediment. If this happens the basin will not drain as designed. Most detention facilities are designed to hold a 100-year storm capacity. If the basin is not functioning properly the water will rise to the emergency overflow level and the storage capacity of the pond will always remain at full capacity until the issue is resolved. This leads to costly repairs. Regular dredge maintenance to remove sediment from a basin is the best way to prevent these problems. Our low grow pressure equipment will leave a minimal footprint and our dewatering bags allow us to haul the material off site within days of the work being completed. We also offer dredging for boat slips, farm pond and waterways. We work closely with all state and local agencies to assure proper permitting and procedures are followed.

Retention and Detention Pond
Maintenance Infrastructure

Owner Jeremy Burrey has several years of experience in stormwater control structures. As drainage maintenance supervisor for Union County, Jeremy managed and approved several large housing developments from design approval, to construction, and later maintained these drainage facilities. In 2018 he completed his training to become a certified storm water inspector for the State of Ohio in inspection and Maintenance control measures. Jeremy has several years of experience in problem-solving and fixing the drainage problems for housing communities and developments over the years. He has worked closely with the Ohio EPA and other regulatory agencies to assure that regulatory measures are followed. If your HOA (Homeowners Association) is having a drainage issues Call us for a consultation.

Pond Management

We provide all the services for your pond needs. We provide the following services:

  • Water testing

  • Vegetation Control (surface and subsurface)

  • Fountain and aeration installation and maintenance

  • Enzyme-based treatment programs

  • Color Treatment

Indian Lake Shoreline
vegetation removal

We have received our special event permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to harvest aquatic vegetation from Indian lake for the year of 2022. We are working closely with ODNR and the State parks office and the Indian lake watershed board to provide services for the shoreline property owners of Indian Lake. Please fill out our contact form for more information or to schedule a consultation.

mowing & Excavation services

Mowing Services are billed at  $135.00 per hour and include the following: Banks, Fence Rows, Lot Clearing, Small Excavation, Small Drain Tile, Removal/Hauling, Demolition, Rows, Driveways, and Easements.

Dredging Services
Retention and Detention
Pond Management
IL Shoreline Vegetation Removal
Mowing & Excavation

burrey aquatic restoration
additional services

  • HOA Pond Maintenance

  • Pond Bank Damage Repair

  • Detention Pond & Basin MS-4 Inspection

  • Bank Erosion Protection

  • Hauling

  • Waterfront/Shoreline Maintenance

  • Storm Damage Clean Up

  • Drainage Tile Repair

  • Scott Aerator Dealer

  • Storm Water Facility Inspection

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