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Meet the owner


Jeremy Burrey

Starting Burrey Aquatic Restoration was a passion for Jeremy Burrey. As young boy he dug his first pond with a shovel on his family’s farm. His father let him use the lawn mower to pull his homemade trailer to the small spring to dig out an area in the Hay field. His goal? He wanted to catch a large mouth bass to put in his pond. Mission accomplished! He dug the pond deep enough for the fish to survive the Ohio winter and he was able to land his first bass to put in his pond. He watched the bass grow and studied how the spring fed pond he built helped the bass grow. The key to the pond’s success was a constant flow of spring fed water and a lot of love.


Over time, the love of the water never left the kid. His career path led to Jeremy becoming the Drainage Maintenance Supervisor for Union County, Ohio. Jeremy would oversee the construction and implementation of retention basins and eventually the maintenance of these basins led to where we are today.  


He was looking for a better way to maintain the ponds and waterways in the county and found the Truxor machine. This method of removing vegetation, dredging silt, and maintaining the perimeter of the water, aligns with Jeremy’s goals of conservation and overall water quality. Limiting the chemical approach keeps ecosystems healthier by targeting the cause of the problem. Decomposition of organic material.


Jeremy holds the following advanced classifications/credentials: 

  • 18 years drainage experience with Logan and Union Counties.

  • Completed the NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) Technician development program

  • 5 Years as Union County Drainage Maintenance Supervisor

  • Licensed State certified Aquatic pesticide applicator (Ohio)

  • Inspection and Maintenance Certification for stormwater control measures in Ohio (Ohio State University)

Additional Qualifications include being responsible for construction and maintenance of over 100 stormwater aquatic detention facilities in Union County.

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