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Burrey Aquatic Restoration has a passion for the water just like you. Our commitment to you is simple. Your pond, lake or waterway is your place of happiness. Our mission is to make your happy place the best it can be.

Mother nature presents a challenge every year and occasionally throws us a curve ball. This is where Burrey Aquatics come in. Weeds or Algae? We've got it. Cattails out of control? We've got it. Run off from neighboring property causing sediment issues? We've got it. 


Let’s tackle algae and vegetation first. If chemical applications are applied to your problem. The vegetation dies and sinks to the bottom of your pond or lake. The chemicals and vegetation decompose and add to the problem. The decomposition of organic material happens whether you kill it with chemicals or let it die in the winter. It all falls to the bottom of your pond or lake and give the silt more nutrients to produce next year’s problem. The weeds and algae return. Sound familiar? 

Vegetation removal is the key to unlocking this mystery. Whether it is cut and harvested or pulled up from the root and harvested. The phosphorus and nitrates that are stored in the vegetation are removed and will not settle to the bottom to decompose and fertilize the existing silt on the bottom.


We have the knowledge and tools to handle variety of aquatic issues private pond, homeowners associations, golf courses, lake front shoreline, waterways and docks. From your basic clean up to dredge work we have what it takes to get the job done.

Our Work

our work

Burrey Aquatic Restoration specializes in aquatic sediment, and weed and algae control in private ponds, detention basins, wetlands.
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